Day 10: List your hard limits


When I first started out, I might have said I had no limits, but it was really that I hadn’t discovered them yet. I was so eager to learn and explore everything I could then. I’m just as curious and eager now, but also much more cautious.

Current Hard Limits

  • Scat,blood, anyone under 21: The first two are self explanatory but the third is more of a comfort thing. I know for a fact that there are people under 21 who are extremely mature and attentive to others’ needs while playing. Also individuals 21+ who are massive jerks, but I’ve encountered significantly fewer in the second category than the first.
  • Yelling: Specifically while angry. Shouting at me gets zero results. It’d just make things worse and do nothing to correct the issue. Really, it’d only serve to cause a panic attack if it went on long enough.
  • Stress positions: For obvious reasons (my health) these are virtually impossible to hold without causing myself massive amounts of pain.
  • Poly: I can’t do it. I get that it’s appealing to some but I refuse to share. Ever.


I would have thought there would be a lot more on this list, but these are the only things I could think of that were the most important.


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