Escape to Eden


My wrist is still hurting from what I did to it yesterday so this might not be too detailed.

Day 3: How did you discover you were kinky?

Looking back, there were many hints about my sexual interests. But I didn’t  “discover” that I was kinky until about 10 years ago. Courtesy of Google actually. I was looking up alternative remedies for the flu when she found me. An image of a women dressed in black latex with an accompanying armbinder. The spark of curiosity soon grew into a bonfire. I scoured every possible resource I could get my hands on for more. Given how thorough I can be on a fact finding mission, “more” turned out to be a sizable molehill.
From there I searched through Yahoo Groups for one aimed at my demographic. The rest was history. Almost. After a few weeks of awkward fumbling and confusion, I heard it – ping.  A member of the group saw my ad and decided to get in touch. It was awkward at first but I committed to giving it all a few weeks before deciding it wasn’t for me. My internal deadline rocketed past between one heartbeat and the next. I don’t know if it was the person involved or activities we got into, but those first few weeks cemented it. This wasn’t some passing fancy or attempt at daring. Over time I became unable to see myself in a relationship where I couldn’t submit to my partner in all areas.



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