Kink One and Kink Two

Day 2: List your Kinks

The list of kinks I’ve got would be a little too long to explain in detail. At least it would be for a single post.


Auralism: I don’t quite remember when the sound of someone’s voice became a fetish but I do know when I realized it. Down to the exact day: May 21st, 2016. It was an odd experience. I was chatting with someone over the phone when… poof 4 hour hands-free orgasm. It was like I was a captive in this pleasant, charged dream. Even now I’m still half convinced it was a figment of my imagination.
He later turned out to be a tadpole (not even a frog). At least that served as a learning experience.
Suits: The main appeal here is that a suit tailored to fit emphasizes a man’s physicality for me. It also ties into my curiosity about CMNF in a seamless manner. 
Hands: The first thing I notice about a man. Hands that look like they’ve never seen a single day’s work are an instant turn off. I prefer short nails, long fingers, lightly veined and faintly callused.





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