Lady Godiva Was a Peach

via Daily Prompt: Tenacious

Were it not for a growing sense of tenacity, I would never have moved past the self doubt and started looking for work again late last year. I would have remained static, drowning in self pity. I wouldn’t have committed to returning to school and eventually moving on to graduate school when the time comes. I’ve managed to shed a moderate amount of what’s kept me from moving forward with the things and people that matter most to me.

Looking back, as much as I might have wanted to progress in most areas of my life, I lacked the determination and commitment to see those goals through. And frankly, I also lacked the courage. I’m not afraid or ashamed to admit that I was a coward. The fear is still present every second of every single day, sometimes growing and other days it lessens, in spite of that I push myself to go a little further than the day before. Do something new. Ask that question I was too timid to ask previously. Open up a little more to the people I care for the most.


Tenacity? I’m so very glad we met.

I do hope we’ll continue to grow together in the months and years to come.



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