Welcome to Red Oaks

via Daily Prompt: Later

I always seem to put things off until Later. It happens a lot less now than it would have this time last year, but it feels like I still have really long way to go. Even writing this took a lot longer to get around to than I’d like. Currently, the main issue I’ve been having with not doing things on time outside of work is lack of energy. I already do everything I can to get to sleep on time when I get home, so I know it’s not that. Maybe I’m not eating the right balance of protein to carbs?

On the bright side a few things I’m looking forward to later: Summer (not the humidity though), 1-2 new toys I plan on ordering toward the middle of this month, classes starting in the Fall, finishing Linnet Bird and that black satin babydoll. But more on that next time since I’ve got to hurry. Most likely Tuesday.


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