S’all Good Man

Fortune tends to be a fickle thing. Sometimes everything is wonderful: life goes my way, no foul individuals to deal with or financial bothers of any kind. My joints don’t hurt at all and I might floss twice a day. Other times? Everything goes to hell for an indefinite period.

From a financial standpoint, this prompt irritates me. It makes me think of all the people I’ve been on dates with, who split the check at the end of the night and the rare overdue bill in my childhood. Student loans deferred.  On that note, I loathe splitting the check on dates. With the fire of a thousand suns. If you can’t take me to Per Se or Uchi, don’t. Let’s go to a taco truck or frozen yogurt and an outdoor concert or something. Just don’t go somewhere you couldn’t afford to take yourself, really. Why does it bother me? Because it’s rude and insulting.

Student loans? They’re hellspawn. Period. I made the mistake of living the “student loan rich” life when I had absolutely no reason to a few years back and I;m paying for it now in mountains of irritation. Moral of the story? If you don’t have a valid reason to, like needing to cover living expenses, Do. Not. Do. It. Loans are a nothing but an itchy wool blanket that smells like too many kneazles and old cabbage.

On a personal note: I feel like my fortunes have taken a positive turn over the last six months. I’ve managed to mend a number of fences I’d thought to be burnt out of existence and I’m a lot closer to finding my happy medium.

If only I could find my keys and glasses…




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