Well Then

The last three months have been a whirlwind of activity. Some positive and others not so bright. I started working for the first time in a very long time. Nights sadly, so I don’t get out often. That’s been something of a mixed bag. Most of my coworkers are great and my bosses seem to like me so that’s been nice. Having customers call in and complain over things I can’t control? Not so much.

Unpleasantness at work and even more loss on a personal level has left me itching for an escape to somewhere far, far away from here. Somewhere with vaguely itchy hay rides, cider and horrid Fair Isle sweaters  would be perfect.

There’s a jazz festival I’ve wanted to go to for a couple of years now so I’ve been saving for that along with a trip I’d planned to take to the east coast a year and a half ago but never got to. I’m looking forward to both. One will take be over Thanksgiving and the other possibly a few weeks before if I can get the time off for both. Otherwise I’ll have a tough decision to make. But one of these trips will happen.I won’t have a repeat of 2015.


If I don’t update this by Monday afternoon, send me an email or message on my profile over on Fet. I may have just gotten caught up in work and studying.


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