It’s been, five or six months since I last wrote? Well, few things have happened since then. Not all of them good.

The one good thing is that the IUD I’ve been using to manage my crippling periods works flawlessly now. Aside from a bit of barely visible acne around my chin and the occasional random cramps. I hit the 6 month post-insertion mark on the 17th. While the initial adjustment stage was rocky, I’ve just about reached a happy medium now. I can actually function all month instead of 2.5-3 weeks. So that’s one source of physical pain that’s been taken care of.

But the main thing that’s kept me away? A friend of mine passed away a couple of months ago. She’d made it years longer than the doctors said she would. In fact, they only gave her three months at the most.

You know what surprised me? How happy she was. Even through the last four months, she’d ask after everyone’s family members. She’d scold people for crying when they visited. Why would she berate them?  Because she felt that what little time she had left should be celebrated for the gift it was rather than mourned.What got to me was her regret. The one thing she regretted? Not volunteering and doing more charity work before the end. And she meant it.Between her post-grad program, work, chemo and family she felt bad about not being able to go out and do selfless things for others.

Damn it. I  miss her.


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