Rapid change and other things


Complete randomness ahead. I’m sleep deprived at the moment.

My number’s changed again. If you’ve got my old number get in touch and I’ll give you* the new one. Unless you’re the one friend that got me excited about the Pottermore equivalent of Pokemon Go. That turned out to be a hoax.  In the words of a certain Tanner: how rude. 

In other news, I have a surprise mini vacation this week so I’ll be spending it getting caught up on “Star Trek Outpost”  and “The Archers”. And cooking extremely spicy curries just for the hell of it. Some might say it’s the masochist inside that draws me to the sort of spiciness I tend to crave but the truth? Most of the curries I’ve tried were just that amazing. I may end up ignoring this particular craving since my stomach’s become a bit sensitive in response to both medications. I may post a weekend playlist to go along with my next post later today. Feel free to post any song suggestions below.


Lately there’s been a number of people on m mind that I haven’t thought about in a good few months. It’s left me confused.Especially about two specific people. And I’ve also been concerned that I might fall back into old habits which partly contributed to the ruin of my last — whatever it was. I honestly don’t know how to define what I may or may not have had with one of those two.


*Yes  Bob, that means you.


Disclaimer: Bob is a fictional character of the Dresden variety.


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