A long ways to go

So far, I’ve existed. But now? Now I want to thrive. To be more than an observer.


Why am I here?

  • I need an outlet for my creativity. I’ve got a few too many story ideas jockeying for first place in my head and they need to be released.
  • To keep a public log of my journey with health and fuctional fitness
  • To actually complete the 30 Days of Kink series this year
  • To keep myself from crawling back into the cavern of isolation that is life with chronic pain and increasingly severe joint issues.
  • I’d like to get started doing book reviews


Who am I?

A creative, sometimes vivacious and bubbly twenty-something in search of something more. So far, I’ve existed. But now? Now I want to thrive. To be more than an observer. Live the way I’ve wanted to but never quite had the courage. In search of an education that surpasses the academic. I have this near insatiable desire for knowledge borne from being stretched to the very edge of my imagination then hurled past.

I’m a brilliant list maker but an awful list follower. A mosquito magnet in love with being outdoors when I can manage it. I’m able to plan a decent trip with diverse, entertaining itineraries and in a snap if needed but also have time management issues that turn a ‘snap’ into “Where the hell is my trip, girl?”

I’ve recently been  bitten by the self improvement bug. That’s led to a renewed interest in functional fitness and wellness. I’ve lived with chronic pain and increasingly severe joint problems since about the beginning of summer in 2015. I’ve recently begun to get that under control with the help of a new doctor and new (to me) medication. I still need to see a rheumatologist to figure out exactly what’s wrong but so far the tentative opinion from one doctor is that it might be fibromyalgia. That’s a little scary but, if that is what’s going on then at least I’ll have the relief of finally getting an answer. Along with being able to develop a plan of care tailored to combat illness specific concerns.

The downside of my recent health issues? I won’t be able to exercise even remotely close to the way I used to. At least not at first. And not without heavy modifications in the beginning. But I’m working on staying focused and making small, measurable, realistic goals that won’t be monumentally difficult to achieve. The positive? With consistent exercise, I should be able to recover some of my range of motion and hopefully improve the health of my joints along the way.

Essentially: I can sometimes be a jumbled mass of contradictions but I mean well and I’m looking to figure myself out this year.



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