Day 11: What are your views on the ethics of kink?

Initially, I was going to postpone writing on this topic as it seemed a little too heavy in my sleep deprived state. But that’s changed, so here goes.

The ethics of kink don’t seem overly complicated. As far as I’m concerned, it boils down to this: respect, honesty and communication. Respect your partner(s) and yourself, be honest and don’t stop talking to each other. If you feel unable to respect the person you’re involved with at the time as an individual, completely separate from your designations as Grand High Poobah and lowly serf, what business do you have engaging in physically and emotionally risky activities with them? The same goes for honesty and communication. Can’t tell them the truth? Or think you can’t safely express when something’s too much to handle or not enough? Don’t play/scene/fuck/whatever with them.


TLDR; awkwardly worded prompt. Ethics= Treat your kinky partner and yourself with respect, don’t lie and talk to each other.



Day 10: List your hard limits


When I first started out, I might have said I had no limits, but it was really that I hadn’t discovered them yet. I was so eager to learn and explore everything I could then. I’m just as curious and eager now, but also much more cautious.

Current Hard Limits

  • Scat,blood, anyone under 21: The first two are self explanatory but the third is more of a comfort thing. I know for a fact that there are people under 21 who are extremely mature and attentive to others’ needs while playing. Also individuals 21+ who are massive jerks, but I’ve encountered significantly fewer in the second category than the first.
  • Yelling: Specifically while angry. Shouting at me gets zero results. It’d just make things worse and do nothing to correct the issue. Really, it’d only serve to cause a panic attack if it went on long enough.
  • Stress positions: For obvious reasons (my health) these are virtually impossible to hold without causing myself massive amounts of pain.
  • Poly: I can’t do it. I get that it’s appealing to some but I refuse to share. Ever.


I would have thought there would be a lot more on this list, but these are the only things I could think of that were the most important.

Closer to Reality

Day 9: Post a kink related song or video you enjoy.

Originally, I was going to choose a Top 40s track from a few years ago, But then I found this and was reminded of my roots. Interestingly enough, “Closer” was one of the songs that got me through a fairly rough patch of confusion over my sexuality.  Looking back, 90s rock got me through a lot.

1000 Words

Day 8: post a kinky image you find erotic

There are a few things I think are appealing about this image: the strip of tape directly across her nipples and just under her knees along with how she’s posed. The way her neck is bared seemed like an open invitation to pounce on a willing victim. 

This particular image makes my mind wander somewhere that feels new to me.  I wonder if it’d feel as uncomfortable as I’d hope to have the tape ripped off my nipples with no warning at all. Or being hooded and having my tape covered legs bound to my waist so the only (relevant)  visible parts of me were my ass and cunt. That could lead to my being used as a decoration, furniture or available for any other use he came up with. 

Trains, Planes and Floggers

Day 7: Your Favorite Toy

My current favorite(s) would have to be my nipple clamps and Chubby G dildo. If it was a little more flexible and slightly thicker, the dildo would be the only toy in the top spot. The clamps are a favorite for how sensitive they leave my nipples for the next few days after. The dildo because of how stretched and full I’ve felt the few times I’ve managed to fit more than the head. If I could have anything? My dream (or  mid-life crisis to some) toy would be a custom Legion Praetorian dungeon. 

Until then, I’d be happy with the Billy from Lelo. 

Where Dreams Come True

Day 6: Describe your weirdest fantasy

I’ve spent a couple of days thinking about this and I’ll admit I was stumped. Mainly because I don’t think any of the fantasies I have are weird.What do I think of most often lately? I would love to be bent over, blindfolded and gagged with a pair of my panties coated in his cum. Then eaten out and tied down with a vibrator left in my  pussy. The only things I’d add are a flogging with a leather cat o’nine tails and mild breathplay.

It might be better to say that my fantasies skew toward the extreme than the strange.

Through the Looking Glass

The next couple days’ prompts would result in micro-posts so they’re being combined.

Day 4

Any early experiences that, in retrospect, hint at your kinks?

Other than my  being the submissive partner in virtually all my fantasies? Not a single thing that I could think of. Unless my reaction to a movie aired on T.V. over a decade ago counts? Looking back, the behaviors displayed in the movie were domineering rather than dominant. But at the time all I could think was: I want that. I wanted to be her so keenly it almost hurt. Over time that desire faded and eventually morphed into a desire to submit long term. A desire I’ll be able to satisfy again sometime soon. I hope.


What was you first kinky sexual experience? If you haven’t yet had that first time write about what you hope to have happen.

Sex always leaned toward the rougher side from the start but my  kinky experience was when I reached the age of consent in my state. I remember his name but not his face. We met at a fetish event on my birthday and an hour later, I was face down in his (moving) car with a mouth full of cock. For once my mind was completely free of the racing thoughts that plagued my every waking moment. When he stopped to change his flat tire, I did something he loved afterward that resulted in a brief but memorable spanking as a reward.

As far as firsts go that was one of my positive experiences.